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PLHS art instructor embraces way of teaching

There is a “new” way to teach art. The new method is called Teaching for Artistic Behavior (T.A.B.). It is a great method that promotes student creativity and innovation. You can check out T.A.B. at

Guess what? Here in Pequot Lakes we are lucky to have our high school art instructor, Dave Guenther, who has been using the T.A.B. method for a long time. He runs his art courses so students build off of the foundations and basic art principles, but go on to design and create their own work.

This process builds skill, but allows for students to become individuals and create art their way.

Guenther’s students also do many community-based projects, allowing them to see how art can connect with the real world and the community here in the school, and in Pequot Lakes.

Teaching this way is more difficult, as students have many different projects going on at the same time, but Guenther is happy to work with students where they are and help them create art that is unique to them.

Guenther is a T.A.B. innovator right here in Pequot Lakes.

(Molly Wiste is Pequot Middle Level art instructor.)