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Eagle View principal spends night on school roof

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On a night when temperatures dipped into the 20s, Eagle View Elementary School Principal Dave Endicott climbed 23 steep steps to the school’s roof for a solo campout.

The night spent in a tent on the school’s roof next to the clock tower was payback for a bet Endicott made with his students — if students raised enough money and food in a food drive for the Lakes Area Food Shelf, the principal promised to sleep overnight on the roof.

“They raised over $1,000 in cash and 1,000 pounds of food. That was significant,” Endicott said.

While students narrowly missed the goal he had set, they came close enough so Endicott held up his end of the bargain. Thursday afternoon, Nov. 14, he sat on the roof in a giant camping chair waving goodbye to students getting picked up by buses or parents below. After play practice that night, he headed to the roof and his tent equipped with a padded cot, heater and warm sleeping bag to make good on the bet.

“It was a night well spent considering the accomplishments of our students, staff and parents,” Endicott said afterward. “I would do it again, but not for a while. Thanks to all for their support.”