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Crosslake School: Give to the Max day is Nov. 14!

On Thursday, Nov. 14, our school will be participating in the annual Give to the Max day, an event dedicated to donating to charitable organizations and schools across Minnesota. This is an important event for our school and one that I hope many will choose to participate in with us.

Funding in education involves many complex formulas and calculations as many of you know. Public charter schools like Crosslake however operate in a slightly different manner, as we do not see the same levels of funding that other public schools in the state receive.

Because charter schools are not eligible to float a bond referendum to build or run a levy for increased funding for operations, we run our school with a per pupil allotment from the state, which makes up our basic operating budget. What this also means is that a charter school like ours does not impact local property taxes, an important item to note.

Charter schools cannot own property, so we are required to lease space, which is the case with our current location. Fortunately, the state does provide lease aid to Charter schools, allowing us to operate in a way that we otherwise could not afford.

All this to say we turn to our community to raise the funds desired to enrich our programs in order for our school to be able to offer upgrades to our technology, provide curriculum and other educational opportunities for our students. What I have learned in my short time at Crosslake Community School is that we have a tremendously supportive community when it comes to helping meet our financial needs, which is something we are extremely grateful for.

On Nov. 14 we will be hosting our annual fundraising spaghetti dinner at Whitefish Lodge, a local business that has been a strong supporter of our school in a number of ways. There will be a meal, silent auction and an opportunity to participate in our online Give to the Max fundraising efforts. Last year, many of our community members turned out in support of this great event and we are hoping for more of the same this year.

If you would like to participate on the 14th, please go to the website: Click on “Find your cause,” type in Crosslake Community School and you will be taken to the site where you can make a donation.

Whether a school is public, private or a public charter school, like Crosslake Community School, the presence of a school in a community contributes to a healthy environment for all who call that community home. Our desire is to continue to be a school of excellence as demonstrated by our recent designation as a “Reward School” by the Minnesota Department of Education. Your financial support and participation in our fundraiser on Nov. 14 will help to ensure our success going forward!