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Cass County 4-Hers demonstrate knowledge, skills at State Fair

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Minnesota 4-Hers from 87 counties brought more than 2,800 projects that were judged in the 4-H Building at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair. These 4-Hers all placed high at their county fairs with their projects, thereby earning them the top honor of showing at the State Fair this year.


This year, 4-Hers exhibited and were judged on general projects in the 4-H Building Aug. 26-Sept. 2. Cass County had 14 participants exhibiting on three dates, including:

Jarod Birr – Child & Family Development Gr. 6-8, red; Jazmin Blowers – Cat Gr. 6-8, blue; Hayley Carlson – Consumer Education Gr. 9+, blue; Joshua Carlson – Shop/Wood Science Gr. 6-8, red; Haley Hamed – Veterinary Science Gr. 9+, blue; Katey Hanson – Child & Family Development Gr. 9+, red; Jorie Ihme – Health Gr. 6-8, blue; Tyler M. McAllister – Shooting Sports Gr. 6-8, blue; Northern Stars 4-H Club – Club Banner, red; Mary Sarah Sauber and Hayley Carlson – Team Demonstration, blue; Victoria Schultz – Shop/Wood Science, blue; Jayden Stevenson – Fishing Sports Gr. 6-8, red; Brooke Swenson – Home Environment Gr. 9+, blue; Amber Vargo – Photography Gr. 9+, Purple; Sophie Williams – Fine Arts Gr. 9+, blue.


Minnesota 4-Hers from more than 83 counties arrived with more than 2,885 animals at the 2013 “Great Minnesota Get-Together” for this year’s 4-H livestock encampment held Thursday, Aug. 22-Sunday, Aug. 25.

Minnesota 4-H requires every youth participating in the livestock encampment to part in a livestock interview. Examples of the interview process include an on-line knowledge test, skill-a-thons and personal interviews about their project area.

Along with interviews, all 4-H youth participating in livestock programming are required to complete the Livestock Quality Assurance and Ethics (LQA&E) Training. Through this certification, youth are educated on bio-security, educating the public on the role of livestock, and caring for their animal’s welfare.

Cass County had 14 participants exhibiting in Livestock weekend, including:

Jazmin Blowers: Chickens – Egg Production – Brown Eggs, red; Hayley Carlson: Chickens – Egg Production – White, blue; Joshua Carlson: Rabbit, Rex - Sr. Buck, reserve champion; Christopher Foster: Commerical Black Face-Yearling Ewe, blue; Jeremy Hoemberg: Commercial Black Face-Mar Ewe Lamb, blue; Jorie Ihme: Rabbit, Hooland Lop – Junior Buck, red; Austin McAllister: Rabbit, Californian – Junior Doe, blue; Tyler J McAllister: Swine, Registered Duroc Barrow, blue; Mary Sarah Sauber: Chickens – Breeding Pen, blue; Mikayla Sauber: Chickens – Breeding Pen, blue and Chef for a Day Contest, purple; and Cody Wiese: Rabbit, Rex – Sr. Doe, Grand Champion.