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Pequot Lakes High School Artist of the Month: Haylie Murphey

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Share a brief history about yourself, including interests, hobbies. What it is about art that you like?

My mom says that I started drawing the same time I started talking. I like listening to movie soundtracks, reading and playing games. I enjoy art because it’s always a challenge! I love trying new techniques and experimenting with styles.


Future plans:

I’m still a little unsure, but I plan to go to college for computer science and art.

How many years have you had art ?

I have always tried to make art fit somewhere in my school schedule. I have managed to take art every year!

How many years have you worked with art? 

I have been doing art since I could hold a pencil. 

What type of medium do you like to work with the most?

I really enjoy working in pencil but I also like oil painting, watercolor and digital artwork.

Do you consider everyday occurrences into your artwork?

I often sit in class and draw the people around me. It’s good practice and fun at the same time.

Does your family enjoy art as much as you?

There’s a long line of artists in my family. We all say that it’s from my great-grandma, Grace, who still paints! Other relatives enjoy photography and sketching.

Do you believe anything could be considered art?

I guess so, there are many different forms. It’s not always painting or sculpting. Music, movies, video games ... I believe those are all forms of art.