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Third round robin clinches regional berth for PR-B Knowledge Bowl team

The Pine River-Backus Knowledge Bowl team competed in the third and final round robin event Monday, Feb. 25, against Aitkin, Staples-Motley, Crosby-Ironton, Royalton and Menahga at Staples-Motley High School.

Meghan Wheeler, Meg Stevenson, Trent Crimmins, Erin Fisker and Isabel Lawrence took third place as team Nous Lavons Avec L’Herissons. Jake Shetka, Troy Fetter and Ashley Johnson, as team Jeg Vet Ikke, took 19th.

Overall 26 teams competed in the meet.

No written round scores exceeded 40 so L’Herissons’ 36 put the team in a three-way tie for third, but the tie-breaker placed the team in fourth facing Royalton’s We Cheated and Aitkin’s Mao’s Disciples for oral round one.

The 13 points scored by L’Herissons allowed them to easily win the room to Mao’s 10 and Cheated’s 7.  This moved L’Herissons into third place, only two points out of first.

Crosby-Ironton’s Mr. Roger’s Neighbors (second) and Aitkin’s Objects in Space (first) fought fiercely in oral round two. L’Herissons’ 10 tied Rogers and exceeded Objects, but a wonderful round by fourth-place Populi Intelligorum from Staples-Motley saw all three teams drop one place, returning L’Herissons to fourth.

Facing Cheated and Crosby-Ironton’s Little Dinosaurs, L’Herissons had another good round of 14 points, returning again to third place. The final oral round had S-M’s Populi in first, Aitkin’s Objects in second and L’Herissons in third, with only three points between first and third.

This time L’Herissons were able to tie Objects with 8 and defeat Populi, who only gained 6. This placed L’Herissons still in third as Strength of Schedule Scoring provided an extra point for Objects and Populi had a three-point lead going into the final round.

However, the 86 points earned by L’Herissons easily qualified the team for Regions in 10th place over the entire region.

Jeg was able to earn 26 points in the written round, giving the team its highest ranking for the meet at 18th. They faced Royalton’s The Heros and Zeros and Aitkin’s Fighting Unicorns in oral round one. It was a difficult round with the Heros scoring 8 and Jeg tying the Unicorns with 6.

Although this dropped Jeg to 19th it was hoped moving from the bottom of one room to the top of the next would lead to a higher score and an increase in confidence.

Round three ended in a three-way tie of 7 points a team for Menahga’s Team B and Royalton’s Tinge of Ginge. This provided stability rather than advancement for Jeg.

Other room scores led to new competition for oral round three. Staples-Motley Juan Direction handed Jeg its first real defeat of the day, winning 11 to 5. Menahga’s Como Re Le was able to earn only 3 in the round.

Falling to the bottom of the room, Jeg faced Aitkin’s The Imbecils and Menahga’s Ain’t Nobody Got Time. Although the day had been tiring, Jeg continued to battle and added another 7 points to its total. This was enough to move the team back to 19th place for the meet and into 52nd for the overall region.

L’Herisson will join teams from Brainerd (six), Aitkin, Little Falls (three), Pierz, Wadena-Deer Creek (two), Pequot Lakes (three), Staples-Motley, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle, Henning and Crosby-Ironton on March 21 at Staples-Motley High School for Regional competition.

The top five teams will advance to state competition April 11-12 at Cragun’s Resort.