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PR-B Knowledge Bowl attends first round robin meet

A Pine River-Backus Tigers Knowledge Bowl team placed first of 21 teams in the first round robin meet of the season in Brainerd.  

Winning team was the Nous Lavons Avec L’Herissons (Hedgehogs), which includes spokesperson Meghan Wheeler and members Trent Crimmins, Isabel Lawrence, Erin Fisker and Meg Stevenson.

The other PR-B team, Jeg Vet Ikke, includes spokesperson Steven Bowen and members Jake Shetka, Troy Fetter, Liz Novak and Ashley Johnson. The team placed eighth.

Also present were teams from Pequot Lakes (four), Royalton (four), Staples-Motley (four), Laporte (three), Upsala (three), and Pillager (one).

L’Herissons began the day in second place following a 41-point written round that pitted them against Pequot Lakes Dynamite, in first with 44 in the written round, and Laporte’s The Beach Warmers.  

L’Herissons continued their great beginning with a dominating 18 points to Dynamite’s 12 and Beach’s 7. This moved L’Herissons into first, a position they held the rest of the day.  

Round two saw them face Dynamite again as well as Royalton’s We Cheated. Again L’Herissons emerged victorious with 11 points, edging out the nines scored by the competition.  

Round three saw Staples-Motley’s Populi Intelligorum join Dynamite and L’Herissons. In scores of 12, 10 and 6, L’Herrisons continued to expand their lead.  

The fourth and final round saw two Pequot teams, Dynamite and #Tamba, face L’Herissons. Beaten on buzzer speed, L’Herissons scored only 8, outpacing Dynamite’s 5 but falling to #Tamba, who scored 16.  

However, once strength of schedule (SOS) points were added, L’Herissons’ final total of 96 gave them a 5.5 point edge over #Tamba and a full 10 points over Dynamite.

With a score of 35 on the written round, Jeg found itself in sixth place and faced a pair of Pequot Teams - #Tamba whose 38 had put them in fourth and Goliath who had tied with Jeg.  

In this round Jeg was only able to add 4 points to its total, while Goliah added 12 and #Tamba took 11. Hoping that buzzer speed had been the major stumbling block, Jeg began round two in 10th place against Staples-Motley’s Juan Direction and Pequot Lakes’ Hall Pass.  The team rallied, taking 11 points, edging out Juan by 1 point and Hall by 6.  

Moving up to eighth Jeg had two familiar foes in Goliath and Juan Direction. This time Goliath was matched, with both teams making 10 points. Juan had a rough round and was only able to add a single point to its total.  

Jeg was able to add 7 points, but Beach added 9, maintaining the lead, and Woodpeckers scored 10, gaining ground but not enough to beat Jeg’s final total of 67.  

Adding SOS points Jeg ended the day with 69 points and eighth place.

Knowledge Bowl will have two more round robin meets on Feb. 12 and 25, both at Staple-Motley High School.  

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