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Salvevold opens photo studio for appointments

Jen Salvevold of Photojenic Photography has opened a photo studio on Highway 16 near Ideal Corners.

Salvevold has been doing photography for a living since around 2011, but she has been doing it for fun for as long as she can remember. She has the toy camera to prove it.

She holds a degree in photographic imaging from Central Lakes College, and as of Nov. 1 she has finally expanded from her home into an office. She said the office is for those who really want an indoor photo or in case of bad weather. She still prefers outdoor photos.

“I really love doing outside still. If it’s someone’s hometown, people always have their favorite spots,” Salvevold said.

Salvevold’s studio displays her work, including a photo of a bear swimming that can also be seen on a wall at the Minnesota Zoo. The photo has also been published in the Mall of America visitors guide.

In addition to this photo, Salvevold has been published in three issues of “Planes, Dames and Automobiles” for her ‘50s style photographs.

Salvevold doesn’t have a specialty, though her favorite thing to photograph is vintage automobiles.

“Everyone says that you should (have a specialty), but I love taking pictures of everything,” Salvevold said.

Salvevold has experience in taking many senior photos, family photos, weddings, nature shots and a variety of other photo styles.

Salvevold’s new studio is meant to offer her customers the convenience of an indoor environment if they want it; however, she will not hold regular office hours at this time.

“It’s going to have to be a call for an appointment operation because there’s no use sitting around here waiting for people,” Salvevold said. “I’m willing to work with people, whenever they are available. Mornings, nights or weekends.”

For more information, call Salvevold at 218-232-5878 or visit for more information.