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Oliver Acreage Bed and Breakfast opens west of Pequot Lakes

The beauty is in the details at the recently opened Oliver Acreage Bed and Breakfast west of Pequot Lakes.

Owners Dick and Gerri Frieler call the décor eclectic, but the refinished furniture — by Gerri — along with the expansive patios and stonework on the Barn Lodge — by Dick — blend together to a getaway geared toward families, bird hunters and anyone “looking to get away from the hustle and bustle,” as Dick said.

The Frielers bought their property west of Pequot Lakes in 2005. Dick said it was advertised as 88 acres plus a “free three-bedroom house.” The house turned out not to be free, Dick said, as he had to pay to have it removed. Though parts of the property were in disrepair at the time, it represented just what the Frielers were looking for — a blend of woods and prairie.

The bed and breakfast consists of two separate buildings, the Barn Lodge and the Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast.

The Barn Lodge is true to its name; it’s a large barn building, with half of the building converted into a living space to accommodate 10, and the other half as a large, open area suited to small weddings or scrapbook retreats.

The lodging portion of the barn is fully furnished, including the kitchen, for guests to bring their own food and drink and settle in.

It’s private accommodations, meaning that guests won’t share the building with strangers.

Highlights of the Barn Lodge include a master bedroom with a bath nook, a standalone bathtub set into a soft-lit alcove in the room. Upstairs are two bedrooms, each with a full bed and a twin, with another pull-out trundle bed hiding under the twin.

Much of the materials used in the Barn Lodge are antique or repurposed. Antique lighting in an upstairs bedroom of the Barn Lodge came from a church to be torn down in Lake Henry, the Frielers’ former home. Furnishings are mostly composed of antique pieces that Gerri has collected and refinished herself, one of Gerri’s hobbies.

While the other half of the Barn Lodge was originally intended to be Dick’s shop area, the interior “got a little carried away” and the Frielers decided it would make a better small event space.

They put the word out that they needed materials to finish the indoor walls and were able to gather used barn wood, much of it more than 100 years old and still with a patina of worn red paint. Dick said he’s amazed by the quality of the wood and how well it weathered the elements for years outdoors.

The ceiling is finished with corrugated tin that came from the roof of a dairy barn.

Inside the Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast are three rooms to accommodate guests. They feature German names to match the Frielers’ heritage.

Der Vorstand (“the executive”) has a queen bed and a full bath with a claw-foot tub with dark hues of black and red. Der Hafen (“the haven”) is decorated in hues of blue and yellow, has a queen bed and also features a full bath with a claw-foot tub.

The third room, Hilda’s Zimmer, has a full-sized bed and is intended to be shared with Der Hafen.

Oliver Acreage had a soft opening this summer and is ready to go as a year-round accommodation. Oliver Acreage borders county land, so Dick believes it’s well-suited to bird hunters. Groomed ski trails will be available on-site in the winter.

The Frielers said they hope their bed and breakfast will be a place that guests come to relax and unwind. More information is available on their website,