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Thrift store opens in Jenkins

In Jenkins, right on Highway 371, a longtime empty building is seeing new business as Finders Keepers Thrift Store.

Nona Malz decided the building that once housed a used car lot would serve well as a place to sell collectibles and other items she purchases from auctions and garage sales. The business is a sort of extension of a hobby she learned from her mother.

“We’ll buy out garage sales if people don’t want to deal with them or we go to auctions. A lot of the stuff we have I’ve accumulated over the years because I’m kind of an auction hound and like to garage sale,” she said. “Unfortunately, I can’t keep what I find.”

This business is in good company, as there are already multiple antique and thrift stores within walking distance, including Annie’s Attic and Castoffs Secondhand Store. The owners of both businesses made Malz feel welcome.

“Competition is good. Dana (from Castoffs) has been welcoming. He stopped by,” Malz said. “And we talked with Sue by email and they’re happy to have us in town. I think the more stores people have the ability to see what we have, the more chance people are going to drive a little further to see what we have in town.”

The business is also a family ordeal as her daughter, Brianna, is a regular employee there working as sales manager.

Finders Keepers offers mostly collectibles, some of which are also antiques, though that is not the store’s focus. They also stock clothing for junior sizes and up.

“We’ve got a variety of stuff, and it’s amazing to see what one person would think is fabulous and another would think it is junk,” Malz said.

In addition, Malz is interested in organizing a local flea market in Jenkins along with other interested parties.

“We have a few interested parties that are going to hopefully be setting up this summer. That should bring people into town and hopefully some added shopping for people coming into town,” she said.

The business opened April. Finders Keepers will operate on a seasonal schedule, from April to October, Thursday to Saturday. Malz may include some Sunday business.