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Thomes resigns from East Gull Lake Council

Brenda Thomes, East Gull Lake city administrator, submitted her resignation at the end of the March city council meeting, effective March 31, to take a position with the city of Long Prairie.

“I wasn’t really (considering it ahead of time), it was just something that happened,” Thomes said.

Thomes has been with East Gull Lake for eight years.

“It’s been a really nice city, a very good learning experience for me. I learned a lot,” Thomes said.

The city council will discuss whether to fill Thomes’ city administrator position or to hire someone for a clerk/treasurer position at the April 1 meeting.

“We’re really undecided at this time. We’re going to have a council meeting next Tuesday (April 1) to discuss the direction we want to go. I’m not sure. I’m assuming we are going to probably look to replace the administrator’s position, but I’m not sure,” said Mayor Dave Kavanaugh.

Thomes explained that an administrator is in charge of administration through the entire city, while a clerk/treasurer is generally in charge of administration within the city office.

“She did a nice job for this city. She probably got a little bit better offer from Long Prairie and that’s where’s she’s headed. I wish her all the luck,” Kavanaugh said.

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