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Centenarian celebrates birthday at Whispering Pines in Pine River

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Isabelle Busby reached a true milestone on Feb. 8 when she and her family celebrated a century of life.

Busby rang in this special occasion with generations of family who had come to the Whispering Pines Good Samaritan home in Pine River to honor her. In such a big family and crowd, it became apparent that it can be difficult to get to know everyone.

“It’s marvelous (to see all the family). I wish I knew more of them, but I know some of them,” Busby said.

Among those present was Busby’s 95-year-old sister, Betty Waldron of Pine River. They are siblings from a large family that has commonly lived more than 80 or 90 years.

In addition to what appears to be good genes, Busby had a tool that she said helped her on her journey.

“Garden food. You grow your own and it is good,” Busby said.

Busby took many multigenerational photos with each branch of the family tree and then all together. She got the chance to blow out candles stuck into cupcakes and enjoy herself before going back to play bingo, one of her favorite pastimes.

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