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Familiar KLKS voice falls silent

The voice of KLKS founder Ernest Bundgaard (Allen Gray) was well known to those who used to hear it over the air at K-Lakes, but that voice fell silent Dec. 8.

“He was the chief of K-Lakes radio. People used to refer to him as that. He was a very talented announcer. Nobody could sound like him. When he talked on the radio, whether it was in a commercial or interview, you always had the feeling that he was talking just to you even though there were thousands of people listening,” said former KLKS midday DJ John Collins. “He really had a knack for speaking. It was incredible.”

Collins knew Bundgaard for approximately 20 years and worked with him for a large portion of that time. They had more than just the radio in common.

“He and I were fellow vets, and he had an interesting spin. Everything he saw, the way he would react to it, was always interesting. He was just one of those interesting people to talk to. He wouldn’t bore you or anything. Just a nice person to talk to, and he had accomplished many things and met a lot of interesting people. It was always fun to sit down and have a cup of coffee or a piece of pie with Allen,” Collins said.

Even though Bundgaard was 93, Collins said it still felt surprising when he passed away.

“He was one of a kind, and I personally will miss him,” Collins said.

Bundgaard started the Breezy Point KLKS radio station in 1984 as part of his 60-year broadcasting career. He was inducted into the Pavek Museum Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001. KLKS was sold to the Minnesota Christian Broadcasters Inc. in 2012.

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