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Bolz-Andolshek back as school board chair

As the Pequot Lakes School Board made its annual appointments Monday night, Jan. 13, it named board member Kim Bolz-Andolshek board chair. She was also chair in 2012.

Board member Mike Erholtz was named vice chair, and board member Valarie Wallin, who was 2013 chair, is now clerk/treasurer.

The board decided that its salaries will remain the same and approved its meeting schedule for the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Currently salaries are $250 per month with an additional $100 per day for full-day meetings. The board chair receives an additional $100 a month and the clerk/treasurer receives an extra $50 a month.

The board named the Pineandlakes Echo Journal its official paper and named Lakes State Bank its official bank.

The board did not make committee appointments, as superintendent Chris Lindholm said he plans to meet with the board chair to discuss a new plan for committee meetings.

In the past, the board’s committees have met once a month. Currently the board is working with Lindholm to develop a strategic plan, requiring one board work session a month. Lindholm anticipates that committee meetings will be scheduled as needed.

In other business Monday, the board:

• Purchased a new phone system that will be installed over the summer. It will require a day or two without service over the summer, but the new system will narrow down 911 calls to where they come from within the building, so emergency services know where to go.

• Purchased a new radio system. The system will have the ability to work with emergency radio systems, and will include GPS systems for the school’s busses. The total cost for the system is around $58,000.

• Discussed the school calendar. Lindholm said by phone that he’d like to increase professional development time. He suggested perhaps creating three more teacher in service days, so that development can be spread across the year and not held primarily in the summer. Recommendations will go before the board in February.

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