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Council repeals requirement for landscape contractors, excavators license

The Crosslake City Council decided that the city will no longer require landscape contractors and excavators working in the city to purchase a license to do so from city hall.

The decision was made at the council’s Monday, Dec. 9 meeting. Council members wanted to repeal the license requirement before the first of the year, when purchase of new licenses would have been required.

Council member Mark Wessels introduced the notion of doing away with the requirement. He said that Crosslake is the only city in the area that had the requirement, and the county didn’t require landscape contractors or excavators to purchase a license, either.

Council member Steve Roe cast the sole vote against repealing the license requirement.

“I can site many instances where, prior to this, they made changes (to landscaping) without anyone knowing anything and then they disappear…. I would recommend we not repeal this,” Roe said.

Council member Gary Heacox was among the remaining four council members who supported the repeal.

“The problem is that this is being done all the time. What we have isn’t doing the job,” Heacox said in response to Roe’s comments.

Council member John Moengen also supported the repeal.

“I don’t want to get to the point where we’re restrictive. You have to pay to work here but you can go over to Gull and you can work there and you don’t have to pay. Everyone knows Crosslake for being more policed and more restrictive. Our job is to educate them, not tax them,” Moengen said.

The license had cost $100 a year.