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City plans to vacate portion of roadway

The Crosslake City Council came to a consensus Monday, Dec 9, to vacate a portion of the intersection of Whitefish Avenue and Summit Avenue. The council wished to see a final draft of the survey drawing before making the vacation, so the decision is not yet set in stone.

John and Susan Derus own the adjacent lot and requested the vacation. Most likely due to a survey error, the building on their lot was built very close to the property line separating the lot from right-of-way.

The right-of-way at that intersection is larger than what’s typical for the city’s roads. The council agreed by consensus to vacate a portion of the roadway so the right-of-way mirrors the other side of the intersection, which has a more typical right of way.

The city plans to maintain a utilities easement, so the landowners will not be able to build on the land, but the vacation will bring the property in compliance to city setback ordinances.