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Planning and zoning hears ordinance review update

Crosslake’s Planning and Zoning Commission heard an update Friday, Nov. 22, on the city’s planning and zoning ordinances.

John Sumption was recently hired to review the city’s ordinances, and he presented his changes to the commission. He said the document has gone from 332 pages to 141 pages.

Sumption, the former environmental services director for Cass County, performed similar work for the Crow Wing County planning and zoning code.

He said by phone that many of the changes he made involved removing duplication. Whereas definitions of words had been scattered throughout the code, they were consolidated into one section. Sumption also added a table of contents to make sections easier to find.

Other changes, he said, include a proposal to bring the number of zoning districts from 16 to seven. He also proposes inserting the latest septic system standards from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the latest floodplain standards from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Chris Pence, Crow Wing County Land Services supervisor who oversees Crosslake Planning and Zoning, said he plans to go to the council Dec. 9 and ask to begin the public comment period as soon as the document is ready, perhaps in mid-December.

Sumption has created a working document, Pence said, that will be reviewed by the city’s attorney and the DNR. Once the document is ready, a public comment period will open that will last 30-45 days.

Depending on how things go, Pence said the council could approve a finalized document in the spring.