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New businesses open in Pequot Lakes

Two businesses recently opened in Pequot Lakes: The Beach Tree and Papa’s Treasures of Hope.

The Beach Tree, a tanning and gift shop owned by Sarah Cline, is in the Jack Pine Center. The store has three tanning beds and tropical decor, which Cline said helps her customers unwind during breaks or after work.

In addition to tanning, The Beach Tree offers skin care products for firming, tightening and toning skin as well as weight loss and detoxifying products, T-shirts, jewelry, totes, bags, books and a small variety of other items.

“We are not just tanning,” Cline said. “We focus on a number of things with skin and then shopping, too. We’ll be getting in a lot of different things for the holidays — gift baskets and things we’re going to put together that aren’t based on tanning at all.”

The Beach Tree is Cline’s second tanning business. About 10 years ago she owned Island Tanning in Pequot Lakes. Cline’s parents help her at her new location, as does one high school age employee.

The Beach Tree has been open since May 15. Cline said the majority of her business is walk-ins, though appointments are accepted. Her tanning beds have hookups for playing personal music selections, though there are also radios in the facility.

The store plans to offer Black Friday specials.

Tania Melby and Judy Dwire have worked together in spite of an unpredictable illness to create Papa’s Treasures of Hope, a thrift store and woman’s boutique dedicated to serving those in need.

Dwire and Melby, both of Pequot Lakes, are advocates for Lyme disease awareness and treatment. They are both chronic sufferers of Lyme disease. Dwire is president of the Minnesota Lyme Disease Association (MNLDA) Brainerd Lakes Chapter and Melby is vice president. It is for this reason that a portion of the proceeds raised by Papa’s Treasures of Hope will be donated to the MNLDA.

The thrift store sells lightly used goods and affordable boutique items.

“The beauty products are to make them feel good and make them feel worthy. We want women to feel worthy of being beautiful and being valued as a person who needs to be valued,” Dwire said.

Many items for the shop have been gathered through donations from church members and others come from a collection of items bought by Gary Onell, Melby’s father.

“The way that the thrift store got started is that my dad has been collecting things his whole life through garage sales and auctions. Everybody calls him Papa, so that’s where Papa’s Treasures comes from,” Melby said.

In addition to selling items to benefit Lyme sufferers, Dwire and Melby offer free boutique items to women in need through church recommendations. They lend videos and reading materials on Lyme, and another portion of the store’s proceeds are being saved to someday build a place to minister to Lyme patients. All other proceeds go to pay for basic operating costs.

“This would be a place of hope for people who are ill with Lyme disease. We are also looking for mothers who are sick. We would work with them and walk them through what happens when they are sick. We would walk alongside them and work with them in nutrition and child care, working with the different churches,” Melby said.

“So many people are drifting out there and got caught up in bad stuff. Lyme disease is from a tick, so we have no control over that. A lot of them are being ignored in the medical field and by their loved ones even because they don’t understand Lyme disease. We want to do a lot of education,” Dwire said.

The store will hold a grand opening from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday-Saturday, Nov. 29-30. Regular store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. The store is at the end of Langenbau Road north of Pequot Lakes.