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Bean to resign from Backus Council

Backus City Council member Richie Bean is resigning his council seat.

Bean recently began work as pastor at Christ Community Church in Nisswa, and he and his family moved out of Backus. They now rent in Pine River and plan to build a home.

Bean had formerly worked with Lakeside Baptist Church in Backus. Because he is no longer a Backus resident, he cannot be a council member.

“I enjoyed it. I think there’s still a lot of opportunity in Backus, and I think there’s good things to come. I wanted to be part of that, but between my job and other things it took me out of Backus,” Bean said.

Bean has served on the Backus council during multiple nonconsecutive terms. His last time on the council started in 2004 and continued for approximately four years. His current term began with his 2012 election.

Bean does not expect to join any other unit of government in the future.

“With my schedule, I just won’t have time right now,” Bean said.

Bean’s vacancy on the council will need to be filled. He has not yet submitted his official resignation.

“They can either hold a special election or appoint. I think they probably usually make an appointment, but it would be up to them once the time comes,” Backus Clerk Ann Swanson said.

The council meets next on Monday, Dec. 2.