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Manhattan Beach supports ATV ban on CR 66

Draft meeting minutes show the Manhattan Beach City Council met Oct. 1, but recessed its meeting for two weeks after Mayor Paul Allen learned of a death in the family during the meeting.

The meeting was recessed and reopened Oct. 15, when the council heard from resident Colleen Sheehan, who supports the ban on ATVs on County Road 66.

Recently information came before the Crosslake City Council requesting that the city lift the ban on Class 2 ATVs. Sheehan told the council that ATVs are already breaking the law and driving on the road, and asked the council to stand with her in keeping the ban, minutes say.

The council thanked Sheehan and told her the city supports the ban on ATVs on County Road 66.

In other business Oct. 1, minutes show the council:

• Decided to ask the city engineer to draft an updated zoning map.

• Accepted a bid for snowplowing from Luke Hanson at a rate of $36 per road or parking lot for each 2-inch snowfall.

• Unwrapped the newly framed Manhattan Beach Roots story telling the city’s history. It matches the map in city hall and minutes show everyone agreed it looked great.

• Decided that an issue over money owed to the city by a resident would be taken to small claims court.

• Heard that the city’s clerk is looking into finding a recording system for city hall.