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County to take private land owner to court

Cass County will hire a special prosecutor to take a private landowner to court.

Ford Jensen built a cabin on county administered land abutting IXL Lake in Woodrow Township east of Hackensack and has not acted on any of five options the county offered as a way to resolve the situation, according to Land Commissioner Joshua Stevenson.

Jensen owns land on either side of the property where the cabin is located. County Attorney Christopher Strandlie did not believe any of his staff have sufficient expertise in the applicable field of law to prosecute, Stevenson told the board, so has recommended the board appoint Steven Baker of Baker Law offices to serve as special prosecutor. The board approved that appointment Tuesday.

Among the options Stevenson said he had offered was one to permit Jensen to buy the county lot where the cabin is located.

The court action will call for Jensen to remove his cabin from county land. Stevenson obtained board approval to hire two survey firms to survey lot lines between county and private land where logging will take place on five sites. There were six bidders.

Kohout Surveying had the low winning quote to survey a site in Deerfield Township for $4,580.

Stonemark Land Surveying had the low quote to survey three sites: one in Moose Lake Township for $16,775; one in Smoky Hollow Township for $13,325; and one in Meadowbrook Township for $4,840.

Grinning Bear Roll-off Service was the lowest of three bidders to win a contract for $3,105 to do asbestos and regulated material inspection of buildings on seven properties recently tax forfeiting in the cities of Cass Lake, Pine River and Remer and in Pike Bay Township.

The board approved paying Lester Parker up to $400 to remove stumps and debris someone had piled on a county timber access road to block the road. That road not only provides access for loggers, but also for deer hunters.