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Black Pine Beach Storytellin tells tales of tall Paul's garage

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Mary Schmidt made her annual visit to Black Pine Beach Resort in Ideal Township on Saturday, Sept. 21, to weave the tall tale of Paul Bunyan’s garage.

Clearly a collector, Schmidt brought with her several artifacts and props for her presentation.

While Canada may try to claim Paul Bunyan as its own, Schmidt said, we all know whom he really belongs to. Canada says Paul’s last name came from a French word meaning “good grief.”

“Liars. Stealing thieves,” Schmidt said, “because we all know the original saying for that expression is uffda!”

Proof, Schmidt proclaimed, that Paul is a Minnesota native.

Schmidt has, in the past few years, woven tales of many of the facets of Paul’s life, including tales about how Paul may have dressed his baby, Paul Bunyan’s beachwear, wedding wear for lumberjacks and, this year, what Paul and his family keep in their garage.

Paul may have kept in his garage, for example, a Mae West life preserver used when troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. Though Paul may have used it for one of his baby’s water wings as his son was learning to swim.

That paddle you have in your garage? You owe that to Paul, Schmidt says. After all, that was what the Bunyans used to stir the oatmeal.

And what about the tree trimmer? Well, Schmidt said, that was probably just Paul’s nail clipper, or perhaps his nose hair trimmer.

How about Paul’s wife, Lucette? A few of the items in your garage, Schmidt said, are probably thanks to Lucette. Paint brushes? Those were Lucette’s makeup brushes. Your fishing spear wasn’t always a fishing spear; it was Lucette’s pickle fork.

And the large nuts and socket wrench heads in your tool kit were really Lucette’s bling, worn on her ears.

Schmidt, formerly of Pillager, recently moved with her husband to Kansas. She still plans to return to tell the tales of Paul Bunyan and his family.