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Project to beautify dam starts Sept. 14

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As part of a project to beautify the Pine River Dam Park and the city of Pine River, the building housing the restrooms at the park was painted with a mural Saturday, Sept. 14.

The mural, designed by Shaina Walker, features scenes of local activities like bike riding past the depot building, swimming at the dam and snowmobiling.

“It was basically just something about town. My initial idea involved the depot and a train and moved on from there,” Walker said.

Walker’s design was selected from among a few different proposals, but it was selected for how it tied the seasons and activities of the area together.

“She submitted a design that was so inclusive and elaborate that we offered she could expand that design to all the sides, so that’s what she did,” said Quinn Swanson, who was in charge of the project. “She has sketched it out on the wall for us and we’re calling it ‘paint-by-Shaina.’ She tells us what colors go where.”

In addition to the mural, the riser seats near the dam were given a fresh coat of paint. These were only a few of the efforts to improve the downtown park area.

Additional improvements to the park will eventually include a new swimming beach, early childhood specific playground equipment and freshly painted trash cans. The swimming beach and playground equipment could each be finished by the end of the year, though the beach requires an additional $5,000 to be raised, and the playground equipment is being handled by the local Early Childhood Coalition and Central Lakes Rotary.

The priming and painting of the building, the trash cans and the risers were made possible by a Valspar Minnesota Beautiful grant for 50 gallons of paint. Volunteers are still being sought to paint trash cans for the city. Paint would be provided for the project and painters could take trash cans home to finish them if needed.

For more information, call Quinn Swanson at 218-587-5001.