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Fifty Lakes adopts preliminary budget

Draft meeting minutes show the Fifty Lakes City Council adopted its 2014 budget on Tuesday, Sept. 10, in the amount of $474,540.

Minutes say that amount is a decrease of $13,380 from the 2013 budget. The budget includes a general fund of $221,870, roads fund of $200,170, fire and rescue fund of $50,000 and parks fund of $2,500.

According to state law, the budget can go down, but not up, before the final budget is adopted in December.

In other business Sept. 10, draft minutes show the council:

• Learned that Gordy Reller, of planning and zoning, withdrew his resignation and will stay with the city.

• Learned the city was approved for a village post office. Were the city to move forward with a village post office, a bank of post boxes would be installed in the parking lot and postage would be available in city hall. Whether or not city hall will host a village post office is not finalized. The existing post office building will be removed to make way for County Road 3 construction.

• Heard the city’s portion of the County Road 3 construction is $95,000. Minutes say the city will explore a plan to pay half the cost in 2015 and half in 2016, but the city plans to first explore whether it will be charged interest if it uses that payment plan.

• Approved purchase of a new ATM for the bar and bottle shop at a cost of $1,795. The council estimated the ATM would pay for itself within a year, as the current ATM generates $2,000 a year. Minutes also note the new machine would make the city compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

• Decided to advertise for a design to build a patio addition onto the west side of the municipal bar.