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Search and seizure deemed legal in Rowell case

On Aug. 29 Judge Richard Zimmerman decided that the July 15 search of a kennel and seizure of 133 dogs owned by Deborah Rowell of Pine River was legal.

Zimmerman also ordered that Rowell pay for the costs of care given to the animals from the date of seizure until they are retrieved.

If Rowell does not pay within 10 days, the dogs may be available for adoption, foster care, placement or humane disposal. If she does pay then the animals will be returned. The order also requires that Rowell “comply with all statutory obligations and provide for the veterinary needs of the animals.” Rowell could file an appeal, which could result in a stay pending appeal.

This decision was made in a civil case against Rowell and has no impact on the results of the criminal case in which Rowell is being charged with seven misdemeanor and two petty misdemeanor counts relating to animal neglect.