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Local teen fundraises through Cabela's

At age 16, Damon Billington’s DB Paracord company is beginning to sell Camo for a Cause paracord bracelets to benefit breast cancer research.

Starting in September, Billington’s bracelets, made of camo paracord on the outside and pink on the inside, will sell in 13 Cabela’s stores nationwide. The bracelets will be available in Boise, Idaho; Hammond, Ind.; Scarborough, Maine; Dundee, Mich.; Owatonna, Minn.; Rogers, Minn.; Sidney, Neb.; Hamburg, Pa.; Buda, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Lacey, Wash.; Wheeling, W. Va.; and Richmond, Wis.

“I think it’s really cool, and I’m really excited about what’s going to happen. Our whole team is going to go down there and check out the displays in Rogers and Owatonna,” said Billington, of Crosslake.

Billington and his team ramped up production for a run of more than 320 bracelets for the event. For every bracelet Cabela’s sells, 50 cents will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They will be available throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month or until the stores run out.

“The likelihood of them ordering more this year if they run out is slim, but then they would likely do something next year,” Billington said.

Similar bracelets have been a popular product with DB Paracord in the past. Billington said they were one of his best-selling bracelets last year when he began selling them in honor of his aunt who passed away from the disease.

The company is only 2 years old and his product has already gone national with “pro staff” representatives wearing his gear throughout the country. Billington’s connection with Cabela’s began when his father, Bruce, sent out a mass of messages to his LinkedIn contacts. A representative from Cabela’s responded within 15 minutes and then contacted the Cabela’s CEO. The project has been in the works since about July.

Billington said his company is not yet in contact with other sporting good stores and outfitters, but it could be a future possibility.

DB Paracord has also been involved in “Project Thank You” during this past summer. At all of the events that DB Paracord has attended, they have brought with them a large banner with an American flag background.

“We took it to all of our events over the summer, and then we would have people sign it and on Veterans Day we are taking it to a vets’ home in Minneapolis to present it to them,” Billington said.

Billington said the original goal of 2,000 signatures became a little unrealistic.

“With how big people signed the poster I don’t think we’d be able to fit 2,000,” Billington said.

Though the opportunities to sign the banner have now passed, it is still covered in signatures, and the project has been a success.

While the Camo for a Cause bracelets are officially available at Cabela’s, Billington plans to cease sales of the bracelets on his own company website. But once the chain stops carrying the bracelets he said they will be available again.