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District to fund girls' hockey

The Pequot Lakes School Board decided Monday night, Aug. 19, that it will begin funding girls’ hockey immediately.

Superintendent Chris Lindholm recommended funding the program, which has been funded by the Red Line Club boosters program since 2008.

The board amended its policy for adding school-sponsored activities last February, outlining parameters for an activity to be added as school-sponsored.

Lindholm said girls’ hockey meets each of those parameters, including: the activity currently exists at the youth level, the activity has participants to sustain the program now and into the future, the district has the necessary facilities needed to offer the activity, the activity complies with gender equity standards, area schools offer the activity allowing for the scheduling of events, and the activity has the approval of the school board.

Lindholm focused on gender equity, saying that if, in the end, the district shows it has equal participation for both girls and boys, gender equity is being met. Currently the district has more boys participating in athletics than girls, and Lindholm said girls’ hockey could even that out.

He said the cost to the school’s general fund would be around $10,000 annually.

In other business Monday, the board:

• Made several staffing changes. The board accepted the resignations of Theresa Beavers, paraprofessional; Mike Plummer, middle level football coach; and Jennifer Quam, Kid Konnection paraprofessional. The board accepted the retirement of Judy Skinner, custodian.

The board hired Alison Ross, middle level counselor; Melissa Flemmer, middle level ALC instructor/academic interventionist; Stacie Papenfuss, school nurse; Cassandra Amsden, who is moving from half-time to full-time teacher; Teri Peterson, speech pathologist; Mike Bajczyk, assistant volleyball coach; Glenda Swenson, food service staff; Rich Pederson, bus driver; and numerous paraprofessionals.

• Announced its truth in taxation meeting will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 16.