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Council accepts updated job descriptions

The Crosslake City Council accepted re-written job descriptions Monday, Aug. 12, for all department head positions in the city except that of the community development director.

That description did not pass because questions came up from the community development director on the changes to his job description.

Consulting city administrator Dan Vogt re-wrote the descriptions. He tried to take out some redundancies in the forms and told the council that the descriptions can be changed at any time.

Vogt said he reviewed the forms to make them more consistent with the current job duties.

One of the main changes to the descriptions was whom the department heads report to. Under “supervision received” the council decided each job description will read, “Works under the administrative supervision of the city council or designee.”

Council member Steve Roe voted against accepting the positions. The vote occurred just as he was intending to discuss the matter, and Roe said he voted against the measure because there was no comment period.

Public safety

The Crosslake Police Department reported 265 calls to service in July in Crosslake, including 80 traffic warnings, 12 traffic citations, one traffic arrest, 17 alarms, 37 EMS calls, 14 agency assists and eight driving complaints.

For Mission Township, the department reported 29 calls to service in July, including 16 traffic warnings, six traffic citations, four agency assists, one animal complaint, one noise complaint and one public assist.

The fire department reported 39 incidents in July, including 31 medical calls, two fires, four downed power lines/trees on the road and two good intent calls (dispatched and canceled en route).

Permit summary

The Crosslake Planning and Zoning department issued 48 permits in July, including 27 land alteration permits, five sheds, four decks and two homes. The total monthly valuation for all permits was $256,668, bringing the year-to-date valuation to $2,587,969. This compares to the same year-to-date in 2012 valuation of $4,582,954.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Met a split vote on the consent calendar. The consent calendar is passed at every meeting and contains routine items. Roe questioned the revenue and expenditures reports on the consent calendar, questioning why the city had reached 70 percent of the annual budget at only the eighth month of the year.

City finance director/treasurer Michael Lyonais said that in some instances there was a timing difference on when revenue comes in and expenditures go out. Council member Mark Wessels pointed out that the city’s bills don’t come in evenly every month.

Roe said he was very concerned with the issue. Lyonais asked for a specific question on a line item so he could better answer Roe’s concerns. Mayor Darrell Schneider asked that some clarification on the matter be offered at the city’s next budget meeting at 9 a.m. Friday, Aug. 17.

Roe cast the sole vote against accepting the revenue and expenditure reports.

• Learned that Crosslake Communications will charge a downgrade fee of $15 on Internet services. Some customers are upgrading and downgrading as they enter and leave the area, which is costing staff time. The fee is intended to compensate for the time and money lost for constantly upgrading and downgrading the service.

• Passed a resolution designating all city buildings, vehicles and equipment as smoke-free.

• Named Harlan Johnson as agent of record for Crosslake employee benefits.