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City may enact fee for data requests

The Crosslake City Council will look into charging a fee for data requests that take longer than 15 minutes.

On Monday, Aug. 12, the council updated the city’s current policy and heard that its consulting city administrator, Dan Vogt, will bring the council a draft of fees for the service.

Currently, the city does not charge for data requests.

Vogt noted that the fee policy he presented would include no charge for the first 15 minutes of the data request, and that the first 10 pages of copies would be free. After that, he proposed that the city charge the hourly rate for the staff member completing the request. The 11th page of copies would cost 25 cents and after that copies would be 10 cents a page.

He proposed no charge for city council meeting minutes.

Vogt has said at past meetings that certain data requests are taking long periods of time for staff to complete, which prompted the potential new policy.

Vogt recommended providing individuals who request data with a one-page flyer explaining the city’s fee schedule, if the council adopts one. The matter will come before the council at a future meeting.

The council did not adopt a new fee policy Aug. 12, but updated its current policy by naming the responsible authorities for data requests, as the parties listed no longer worked for the city.