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Council approves two conditional use permits

The East Gull Lake City Council approved two conditional use permits July 2, according to meeting minutes.

Doug and Pat Mueller requested a permit to remodel their lake home on the side farthest from the lake. They would like to make it their permanent home. They required a conditional use permit (CUP) because the existing building is already closer to the lake than the current ordinance allows.

It was found that the property was platted before the adoption of land use regulations, and construction on the property was also likely prior to establishment of land use regulations. Because of the circumstances present, the CUP was approved.

B-Dirt also requested a CUP for the first addition to Ruth Lake Estates. It was found that the conditional use permit requested met city ordinance requirements. This CUP request included 21 conditions.

Following the CUP discussion, the council approved a one-year moratorium on future multi-family developments to give the planning commission time to review positives and negatives of such developments. This was at the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission.

The moratorium request came because residents did not expect multi-family dwellings in the development when it was platted. In addition, some properties in the area could be prone to groundwater contamination if private septic tanks are installed. This issue needs more research.

The first addition to Ruth Lake Estates will be exempt from this decision because the permit for the development was already submitted. Later permits will be restricted under the moratorium.

Public works superintendent Joel Jasmer recommended that the Ruth Lake Estates projects be required to connect to city wastewater.

In other business, the council:

• Heard a suggestion by Mayor Dave Kavanaugh to temporarily halt plans to build a fire hall for the city of East Gull Lake to give a committee, including Kavanaugh, the chance to look into forming a fire district.

• Congratulated Jasmer for the city’s seventh Certificate of Accommodation. Three certificates were received during Jasmer’s time with the city.

• Discussed the possibility of withholding city permits from those with outstanding violations within the city. Kavanaugh explained that the action would need to be presented to the city attorney. It would also require an amendment to a city ordinance, which would require a public hearing.