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Nisswa Area Historical Society president injured, more concerned about pioneer village than himself

On the morning of July 5, Nisswa Area Historical Society (NAHS) President Dick Carlson was moving a film projector that was just donated to the historical society to his car when he took a tumble that sent him to the hospital.

“I was carrying a large box that had just been donated to us. I met the people at the village and was carrying it to my car and fell forward on it and crushed both kneecaps,” Carlson said.

Carlson was rushed to the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center where surgeons worked to reconnect the tendons torn from his patellas. Carlson was relegated to bed rest for five weeks at the Cuyuna Regional Medical Center before moving on to rehabilitation.

“Fortunately I got to the hospital on time and they were operating seven hours later, so hopefully there will be some recovery of my ability to walk,” Carlson said.

All of this may sound pretty harsh, but Carlson is not worried about himself, he is more concerned that the NAHS has enough help.

Carlson has been the NAHS president for 15 years. He has been with the group since its founding in 1994, and he was very much involved with the acquisition of the Nisswa Pioneer Village from Lee and Penny Anderson and its subsequent care. He was named Nisswa Citizen of the Year in 2002.

Carlson says he spends almost all of his free time working with the historical society. It is no wonder that his mind is preoccupied with the group.

In his absence his duties are being handled by members of the board of directors, but his concerns are still more with the group than his own wellbeing.

“The thing that I most want is that people will help the historical society and the pioneer village, because with the family and everything we can take care of everything for me personally, but I sure hope everybody pitches in and helps at the pioneer village and the historical society,” Carlson said.

Carlson said he will still welcome prayers and any help that people wish to give. Anything to get him back to his two favorite passtimes, the NAHS and his granddaughter.

“We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out,” Carlson said. “Hopefully the historical society will be stronger than ever.”

Cindy Terwilliger is serving as interim president of the NAHS in Carlson’s absence.

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