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Houston Ford and Cass County 4-H teaming up to raise up to $6,000

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Houston Ford and Cass County 4-H are partnering to help raise up to $6,000 in support of 4-H as part of Ford Motor Company’s Drive for Your Community Event.


Members of the Pine River community will have the opportunity to raise money for 4-H by taking a no pressure, 7- to 10-minute test drive. For every person who test drives a new Ford vehicle at this event, Ford Motor Company and Houston Ford will give Cass County 4-H $20, up to $6,000, for this one-day event.

While resources from the county to support 4-H are limited, this is a way to support a positive cause. Money raised will be for camps, scholarships, educational clinics, state trips, livestock show transportation for 4-Hers as well as supplies for activities and project areas.

As a community member or business owner, to make raising $6,000 possible, 4-H asks employers to let employees off for a few minutes or suggest they take their break to support this cause.

The event will take place Saturday, July 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cass County Fairgrounds in Pine River.

Other activities from other organizations on the grounds during the Drive for Your Community Event include a petting zoo, pony rides, bake sales, garage sales, buckboard rides, drawings, giveaways, food and pedal cars.