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Pine River Revitalization seeks PIne River City Council Support

The Pine River Revitalization (PRR) group is asking for bicyclists to attend the July 9 Pine River City Council meeting in order to ask the council for support of their bike lane plans.

PRR has drafted a resolution of support which they intend to present to the council on July 9, but they hope to have bicyclists there to support them when they present it to the council. PRR is seeking the support of the council partially out of solidarity with the city, and partially because they believe support of the city would be instrumental in getting approval for bike lanes from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Currently, MNDot is not in support of the plan. Other cities, such as Alexandria, currently have similar bicycle lanes.

PRR also decided to order 25 plaid flags for flag poles throughout the city and discussed having a citywide plaid celebration on July 19. Some ideas included having the flags installed prior to July 19 and having Pine River Mayor Jim Sabas cut a plaid cake from the Pine River Bakery with an axe.

PRR also discussed possible taglines for the group.