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Two dead at Walmart shooting in Grand Forks


2013 Summerfest Medallion Hunt Clue # 3

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Here's your Summerfest Medallion Hunt Clue for Wednesday:

Clue #3 - If you're in a hungry mood, you could also hunt for food.


First 2 clues:

Clue #2 - West is the direction not to go; unless the PO puts you in the know.

Clue #1 - Start hunting here and there, the Summerfest Medallion is out there somewhere!

If you had your Summerfest button registered on or before Monday, June 17, you are eligible to win a $100 Chamber Gift Certificate.  If you have not registered your button, you must still have a button to redeem the medallion for a $50 Chamber Gift Certificate.

The medallion is a Summerfest button wrapped in foil and placed above ground on public property within the city limits of Pine River.  No digging necessary!

Good Luck Hunting!

John Wetrosky, Director

Pine River Chamber of Commerce