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Pages from the Past, June 20, 2013

75 years ago, June 23, 1938

From the Pine River Journal

Work was started Monday by the WPA, under the direction of Vane Jones, on the village sidewalk project. Approximately 2.3 miles of sidewalk will be built and repaired, employing about 30 men from local relief rolls.

Bids will be received by the Pine River Board of Education for one or more carloads of coal. Specify B.T.U. content, ash content and volatile content.


After a week of futile searching for Hickle Harley Wares, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Ware, who disappeared June 11, hopes for finding the lad alive have gradually waned. The lad has vanished so completely that no tangible clues have been found.

50 years ago, June 21, 1963

From the Pine River Journal

The Pine River Methodist Church will hold a day of services consecrating the new parsonage and commemorating the 60th anniversary of the local church on Sunday, June 23.

Our five-digit ZIP Code is 56474, Postmaster Bergstrom announced today.

25 years ago, June 23, 1988

From the Pine River Journal

The elementary teaching staff has been increased by 3 full-time teachers. At the regular Pine River School Board meeting Monday, June 20, James Scott, Jackie Ekstrom and Kay Zaffke were approved by the board.

As a result of the storm Monday night and Tuesday morning, two fires resulted in the Pine River area.

10 years ago, June 19, 2003

From the Pine River Journal

Pine River Police Officer Phil Moran received orders last week to report to Kosovo as early as this week.

A running toilet recently ran up a Pine River resident’s water bill to over 10 times its usual amount.