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New store offers consignment for online auctions

Odz & Enz Shoppes offers vintage and secondhand items but puts a new spin on consignment by hosting items on online auctions.

The storefront, located just south of Pine River on Highway 371, was completely buried by snow drifts this past winter, but owners Allen Wynn and Cindy Spartz were hosting their business in the windowless back of the building at the time, so the windows were not needed then. They opened the front show room two months ago.

Odz & Enz adds to the list of secondhand, consignment and antique shops in Pine River, but Spartz and Wynn don’t consider the other shops as competition.

“It’s not competition. In this type of a business, the more of these types of stores you have in an area, the more types of customers it brings into the area,” Wynn said.

Spartz and Wynn offer some services that other shops don’t.

“One of the things we put in was a tack room with a lot of tack, used and new. Which is really big around here for 4-H kids,” Spartz said.

Spartz said she is familiar with the expenses of getting involved with 4-H from her own children. She said they want to offer discounts to 4-H kids for that reason.

The shop also has a “wish book” where they list items customers are seeking. Wynn said they are able to find most items in the wish book.

“We get into some of the most unique stuff you are ever going to find,” Wynn said.

Among the unique items are antique chicken crates and a large block and tackle converted into a magazine rack.

Odz & Enz offers the option of online consignment to other customers. They sell through a website called Do-Bid. Do-Bid has affiliates in Buell, Ely, Hermantown, Bemidji and Walker and many other northern communities. Spartz and Wynn say they are the southernmost affiliate of Do-Bid.

“It’s been really great to be part of Do-Bid, they are wonderful,” Spartz said.

Items sold at Odz & Enz are often purchased from estate auctions by Spartz’s husband, Doug, who travels.

The business really began with items being sold out of a quonset hut on Highway 1.

“We were renting out on Highway 1. Everybody kind of knew us as the purple and white sign people,” Spartz said.

Spartz and Wynn both believe their new store will be a good change for the business.

Summer hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday.