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Council continues discussion on Breezy roads

The Breezy Point City Council held its third workshop on roads Monday, June 17, facing a long list of questions regarding roads and the city’s policy and procedures.

While the council was not able to address all the questions, discussion included a few specific areas of concern and some discussion over defining policy.

The first area of concern was Breezy Point Drive. Council member Scott Willer said that road should be pushed up on the list of priorities because it’s the image of the city.

He also expressed a need for active maintenance on the roads the city has, especially on those roads that might be on the cusp of needing reconstruction. The council met a general consensus on that issue.

Council member Tom Lillehei suggested the city look into adding sewer to all properties within 1,000 feet of the shoreland impact zone. He said the improvements helped the lake quality on Minnetonka years ago.

The council also discussed Thrane Road. Though it’s classified as a collector road, the consensus was that it wasn’t a good candidate for paving because it didn’t get enough use.

The council questioned the difference between a mill and overlay and reconstruction of a road. Some council members felt a single rule wouldn’t possibly apply to all the issues, while others felt that defining each would make issues easier when it came to cost assessment.

The council agreed that some overlay or maintenance work might not be assessed, while reconstruction could be.

The council also questioned the need for a five-year improvement plan. Some council members felt the plan was a good idea to provide direction to the council, while others felt they tend to be unrealistic and are rarely adhered to. The council agreed that a more realistic five-year plan could be beneficial.

With much more to discuss, the council decided it will have another roads workshop and will set the date at its next council meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, July 1. Council member Diane Williams was not present June 17.