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Officer Ryan to retire; Pequot Lakes to advertise to hire sergeant

Pequot Lakes police officer John Ryan will retire at the end of August, and the city will advertise to hire a police sergeant.

The Pequot Lakes City Council on Tuesday, June 4, accepted Ryan’s retirement letter and allowed police chief Eric Klang to advertise for a sergeant at $23.71 per hour pay.

Council member Dave Sjoblad told Klang he wouldn’t vote for a sergeant until he saw the dollar amount.

Klang said the difference in annual salary would be an estimated $3,200 more from Ryan’s salary to a supervisory sergeant’s salary.

Klang wanted to start the hiring process with Ryan’s retirement pending, with hopes of hiring a sergeant by Aug. 1.

This would be a non-exempt position, meaning the sergeant would be eligible for overtime pay. Klang said this would be in line with what neighboring cities do. It hasn’t been decided whether the position would be part of the police union.

The sergeant would be a confidante to assist Klang in the direction, vision and mission of the police department. The sergeant would be acting chief when Klang was not present.

The city will accept applications from people inside and outside the police department.

In 2011, the council agreed the city police department should have a chief, a sergeant and three full-time officers.

The police department currently has a chief and five full-time officers.

In other city personnel discussion, the council agreed to look into the structure of city government, including the possibility of having a city administrator.

“We need someone who is the ultimate point person for all of the department heads, and I think this might be the time,” said Mayor Nancy Adams, who proposed the research. “The town has grown. There have been in the past couple of years times when some things could have been done to save us some money and things didn’t get done in a timely fashion.”

Adams called the research a fact-finding mission to determine how jobs would change with a city administrator. All options will be considered.

All council members agreed this was worth considering.