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June 13 Pages from the Past

75 years ago, June 16, 1988

From the Pine River Journal

Stark tragedy and pathos stirred this community Saturday night when it was made known that Hickle Harley Ware, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ware, living 11 miles southwest of Pine River, had been lost in the dense woods near his home.

A county-wide book repair project in Cass County is scheduled to start June 10, when the Detroit Lakes office of J. B. Kokarik will assign three “White Collar workers.” The board of County Commissioners is sponsoring the work, which will include the binding, rebinding and repair of books in public libraries and schools throughout the county.

50 years ago, June 14, 1963

From the Pine River Journal

Will a Cass County girl become the new Princess Kay of the Milky Way? Among those that will be competing for Cass County Dairy Queen on June 15 at Pine River will be Carolyn Marie Leverington, Nancy Ann Van Buren and Sherry Melby.

25 years ago, June 9, 1988

From the Pine River Journal

As the hot, dry days of June drift along, more and more pasture land is burning. Farmers have already lost 80 percent of their normal grass lands due to the drought conitions.

(photo) Pine River firemen were called to Pine River Salvage last Wednesday, June 1, where a fire had started among some old cars. Cause of the fire was perhaps caused from sparks from a torch, according to the report from the salvage company.

10 years ago, June 12, 2003

From the Pine River Journal

(Photo) Local Boy Scout Troy Switajewski recently installed picnic tables and benches at the Pine River dam as part of his Eagle Scout project.

(Ad) On Labor Day the Paul Bunyan Center will be closed after 53 summers. Let Paul Bunyan greet your children and grandchildren by name. Remember when he welcomed you?