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Fireworks close to funding goal

The Crosslake City Council heard Monday night, June 10, that the fireworks committee is around $1,000 short of meeting its goal for community funding.

Pat Netko, fireworks committee member, told the council that donation collection cans are in businesses around town, and she asked the community to donate.

The city funds $5,000 of the $10,000 fireworks cost, and the Parks and Library (PAL) Foundation has set up a fund for tax-deductible donations to raise the remaining $5,000.

This year the city received an anonymous $5,000 donation. Mayor Darrell Schneider told the council, though, that the donation was meant to enhance the fireworks, not provide base funding.

Alden Hardwick, of the PAL Foundation, said the community might not realize that funds for fireworks will be raised every summer. He also said the summer got off to a slow start, which could account for a drop in funding compared to last year.

“We’re really expecting a fantastic show this year,” said Cindy Myogeto, another fireworks committee member and chamber of commerce staff.

Donations can be made at the community center or in donation cans at area businesses. The show will be Saturday, July 6.

Public safety

The Crosslake Police Department reported 203 calls for service in May, including 57 traffic warnings, six traffic citations, 30 alarms, 24 driving complaints, nine information calls and 30 agency assists.

For Mission Township, the department reported 53 calls, including 30 traffic warnings, eight traffic citations, two suspicious activities, two suspicious persons and two alarms.

The Crosslake Fire Department reported 26 incidents in May, including 15 medical assists, one motor vehicle accident with injuries, three grass fires, one automobile fire, one gas leak, two good intent calls and three false alarms.

In other business Monday, the council:

• Approved a new performance evaluation form. Consultant/part-time administrator Dan Vogt prepared the form from models used by other cities he’d worked for, including Brainerd.

• Decided pedal pubs — bicycles that hold up to 16 people who pedal as they sit at a bar — are not suitable for the city of Crosslake. The city had received an email expressing interest in bringing a pedal pub to town. The council, along with police chief Robert Hartman, reasoned that the pedal pubs would not be safe on Crosslake streets.

• Approved a contract with the Local No. 65 bargaining unit. The contract includes a salary base increase for all employees in the amounts of 1 percent, 1.25 percent and 1.5 percent in 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively.

• Heard from Vogt that the city’s recycling program funding from the county will be cut unless the city meets a required cost per tonnage. The city has until 2015 to make changes before funds would be cut.