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Complaints filed over city's hiring process for new position

Former Crosslake City Clerk/Treasurer Jenny Max and another city employee filed complaints against the city of Crosslake over its method of hiring its new finance director/treasurer. The council was informed of the complaints at a meeting on Wednesday, May 29.

The city advertised the position at $50,000-$55,000 a year, but hired the position at $70,000-$75,000.

“I do not believe equal opportunity was given to the public in advertising for the position of finance director/treasurer,” Max stated in her letter, which said she is lodging a grievance against the city. “By misrepresenting the salary range, the city council specifically discouraged qualified female candidates from applying, including me.”

She requested that the council re-advertise the position with the updated salary range, giving all interested candidates the opportunity to apply.

The other complaint against the city was not released to the press. A response to the second letter, written by the city’s labor attorney, Steve Fecker, was displayed at the meeting but was not released to the press as of Tuesday, June 4.

When displayed, Fecker’s letter expressed that final decisions of pay were ultimately up to the determination of the council.

The council requested that Fecker send a letter of response to Max’s grievance.