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Trout Lake public access to be rebuilt

The Trout Lake public access on County Road 66 in Crosslake will be closed at 10 p.m. Sunday, June 2, for reconstruction.

Darren Mayer of the Crow Wing County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) said it’s the SWCD’s hope that the project will be completed by June 15.

The SWCD is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Whitefish Area Property Owners’ Association (WAPOA) to make the landing, which is on Army Corps of Engineers-owned land, more environmentally friendly.

The SWCD and WAPOA are providing supplies and material, and the DNR is donating time and equipment, Mayer said. The Corps of Engineers is also providing material.

The DNR will rip up the gravel parking lot and reconstruct the grade so that water flows toward a rain garden rather than directly into the lake, as it does now, Mayer said.

A 20-foot buffer will be created between the boat launch, on the south end of the access, to the edge of the swimming beach, on the north end of the access. Mayer said the buffer of plants will help to filter any water that does flow toward the lake.

Planting the area will also prevent launch users from backing directly into the lake, as they sometimes currently do, and force them to use the actual launch, Mayer said. The swimming beach will remain the same, he said.

Mayer said the groups plan to stake a coir (coconut husk) log into the shoreline south of the swimming beach and plant vegetation to prevent waves from crashing into the shore and eroding the sand.

A contractor will spray the area with hydroseed, a mixture of soil, mulch, compost and seeds.

Volunteers will plant native species in the area June 11 and 12. The SWCD plans to hold a workshop with contractors June 13 to explain the techniques used and provide hands-on experience, Mayer said.