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Crosslake School superintendent resigns

Tami Martin, executive director, superintendent and K-8 principal of Crosslake Community School, handed in her resignation and accepted a job as superintendent and elementary school principal at Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop (GFW) schools, about 30 minutes south of Hutchinson.

“(There’s) excitement to go, and yet my heart is heavy because I love everything happening here, and the community and parents and staff,” Martin said.

Martin has been with Crosslake Community School for five years. She said her new position is a good fit with the next steps in her career.

Martin said that while she’s leaving, everything is “in place to move everything along that we’ve worked hard for.”

Ronda Veit, school board chair, said she’s sad to see Martin go, but remains confident in the school’s position and strength.

“We’re sorry to see her go, she’s done a lot for this school,” Veit said. “The school board will make sure her replacement keeps us on track and we’re confident we’ll do that.”

The board is accepting applications through May 29. Martin’s last day is June 30.