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Marriage and the glory of God


Crosslake Evangelical Free Church

Once again, marriage is on the agenda at the State House and is a part of many political discussions throughout our land. However, what I would like to address today is something that I feel has been missing from discussions about gay marriage and really about our thinking about marriage in general.

What I believe has been missing from our discussion about marriage is the Biblical truth that marriage is not a right but a gift given to us by God. The Bible clearly states in Genesis 1:27 that God created humanity (man and woman) in His image. God’s design and plan for us is that we would so live out and show the goodness and glory of God that He could say to the angels (and even Satan and his demons), look at the amazing way that my love and goodness lives in that man and that woman. He wants us to be the demonstration of how His love and glory can change and transform our lives.

When God created humanity he also created us for each other. Man was created to care for and rule over, as God’s representatives, the whole earth. In so doing He commanded us to bear fruit. The fruit we are to bear is both children and God’s glory. Through us God wanted to spread His goodness and glory over the whole earth. In order for this to happen He gave us the gift of His presence (daily fellowship with God) and He gave man and woman to each other as a gift to help us carry out His plan for our lives. This is what happens in Genesis chapter two. God knows that man needs a helper. He creates the woman from the man and then gives her to the man as a gift. The two are joined together as one through the bond of marriage (Genesis 2:18-25) so that they can together live out and demonstrate God’s goodness and glory.

In Genesis chapter three we see how humanity rejects God’s original design and plan for their lives. They rebel against God rejecting both His good plan and His presence as their God, their Father and their friend (Genesis chapter 3). Because of our rejection of God and rebellion toward Him we have separated ourselves from God’s presence and chosen to face life utterly alone. Since that time to our present day we (as a human race) have continued to embrace rebellion and sought to live our lives separate from God’s goodness plan. If you look at all the misery in the world today you can trace it back to this insane obsession with wanting to be independent from God and His plan. Divorce is a rejection of God’s good plan, gay marriage is a rejection of God’s good plan, sex outside of marriage is a rejection of God’s good plan, unforgivingness is a rejection of God’s good plan. No wonder we live in a culture that is so broken and dysfunctional! We have totally cut ourselves off from God’s goodness.

However, in His mercy, God has provided for us (as He always does) a way to come home to Him. He has done this by sending His own Son, Jesus, to pay the debt of our rebellion by dying on the cross. He demonstrates His victory over all sin and judgment by rising from the dead. He offers us the opportunity to embrace once again our destiny to live in fellowship with Him and to receive the life that comes only through knowing and walking with Him. We come home to God when we confess our sins and repent (turn) toward God. Do you want to experience the goodness of God as God intended? Then it is time for us as individuals and families and as a culture to repent, turn to God and receive the grace, goodness and glory of a God who loved us and made us and gave us the gift of marriage between a man and a woman as a gift. (To find out more about how to have a relationship with God, please to go to our website

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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