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City considers change to liquor license ordinance

Mike Stone of Crosswoods Golf Course approached the Crosslake City Council on Monday night, April 8, asking the council to reconsider its liquor license laws.

Currently Crosswoods can’t obtain a liquor license because of the city’s ordinance, which requires a business to be open 48 weeks a year in order to obtain the license.

He asked that the council consider changing the ordinance or granting a variance to golf courses.

Other golf courses in the area offer liquor to their customers, and Stone expressed concern over continuing to be competitive. He said his is perhaps the only golf course in the Brainerd lakes area without a liquor license.

Council member Steve Roe expressed concern over businesses closing in the winter, were the 48-week restriction lifted. He argued the city may no longer be a winter draw if businesses close.

“I think that has a much further-reaching impact than just granting an exception to a very responsible organization,” Roe said.

John Moengen disagreed.

“If we’re in a tough economy, and a business has to close for 30 days in the winter, I don’t want to hold them hostage so they have to stay open just because of the liquor license. Maybe we want them to have the ability to close,” Moengen said.

“If it was truly a boon for the state,” Stone said of the 48-week minimum, “you would think other cities would have done that.”

He said other area cities don’t have the same 48-week restriction.

The council tabled the matter for further research, and will readdress it at 7 p.m. Monday, April 22.