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Artist of the month, March

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March Artist of Month

Mariah Gudahl


Future plans: Next fall I plan to attend Minnesota State University, Moorhead, to study accounting.

Family: Parents, Cindy and John Gudahl; siblings, Cody, Kailee, Joshua, Allison and Angela.

From middle school up until now, I have had some form of an art class almost every year. In Art II, my junior year, I finally discovered what medium I worked really well with. I started out with watercolor painting and found out that it really frustrated me. I then moved to acrylic painting and discovered that that is what I have felt the most comfortable working with. I really liked that I had complete control of what I was doing.

Being in an art class is probably one of the most relaxing things about my day. I really enjoy the fact that I can sit back and work at my own pace. I find that painting is a great way to let your mind focus on something else that doesn’t really matter to anyone but yourself.

If I could’ve taken many more art classes in the past, it is something I definitely would’ve done.