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East Gull Lake City Council continues discussion on fire hall

East Gull Lake Mayor Dave Kavanaugh discussed developments in assigning a location for a fire station in the city at the city council’s March 5 regular meeting.

It was decided that a location near city hall would be best for a potential fire hall.

Dennis Lee owns property next to city hall and expressed interest in selling it to the city. The council discussed the price of the property as well as the zoning of the property.

The council decided an appraisal was needed before any decisions could be made regarding purchase of the property. Kavanaugh will speak to Lee regarding the appraisal. The council decided to purchase the property if it was appraised at a cost below $50,000.

If built, the city would own the fire hall, but the Brainerd Fire Department would staff and equip it.

The council also:

• Discussed issues with sticking check balls at wastewater pump stations. It was mentioned that each station has a complete record of maintenance available. The city also has access to this list. It was noted that problems with check balls usually occur with homes left vacant in the winter. In order to be proactive, Wastewater Superintendent Joel Jasmer plans to check vacant homes before the residents return.

• Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of hiring outside help with mowing city property, including city hall, trails and the airport. Kavanaugh asked, if there was no cost savings, why change? He also complimented Gregg Struss for mowing trails in the past. It was decided that, until current employees were unable to manage the workload, things should not change. Bids will only be sought for the airport.

• Discussed the tie-down area of the airport as a safety concern. City Administrator Brenda Thomes explained that 80 percent of the cost would be provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Council member Rob Mason noted that the softball field might become inoperable if the airport tie-down area were fenced off. Kavanaugh suggested that, until such a change is mandated, nothing should change. He did, however, suggest they seek more information from Ben Thuringer, an airport planning volunteer.