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Water, sewer fees restructured

The Pequot Lakes City Council on Tuesday, March 5, adopted new water and sewer ordinances that originated from the Economic Development Commission’s request to study fee structures.

The city hired Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN), the city’s engineering firm, to help study the city’s Water Availability Charges (WAC) and Sewer Availability Charges (SAC). These charges will be based on Equivalent Residential Connections (ERCs).

Based on WSN’s study, the council also amended the WAC fees from $2,200 to $2,900 per ERC and the SAC fees from $8,000 to $6,300 per ERC.

An ERC is equivalent to one residential connection to water and sewer (WAC and SAC charges). Heavier use, or apartment buildings, are calculated according to the SAC Procedural Manual from the Environmental Services Division of the Metropolitan Council.

The number of ERCs equals the number of SAC units from the document.

All residential units are one ERC or one WAC/SAC, except for apartments with a minimum of four units with no plumbing for individual laundry facilities in any of the units, where each unit is counted as 0.8 ERC. Commercial use charges are determined by the SAC Procedural Manual.

“The EDC with Tim (Houle of WSN) have worked very hard on this for numerous months, done a lot of research to make it fair and equitable and looking to the future of Pequot Lakes,” said Mayor Nancy Adams.

Houle said the city’s WAC and SAC fees are very unique to Pequot Lakes when compared to area cities.

“Every city is apples and oranges and pears,” Adams said of making comparisons.