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County board chooses not to support resolution for Crosslake, Pequot lakes library funding

Crosslake director of parks, recreation and library, Jon Henke, reported that the Crow Wing County Board did not approve a resolution of support to reinstate $20,000 in lost funding from the Pequot Lakes and Crosslake libraries.

The resolution met the board Tuesday morning, March 12.

The Kitchigami Regional Library System (KRLS) cut $10,000 to each library in materials funding at the beginning of the year after the county board cut $20,000 from KRLS’s budget.

Henke wasn’t asking the county board for the money, but simply for support in asking the KRLS board to reinstate funding.

Henke said the county board chose not to pass the resolution of support because they didn’t wish to micromanage the KRLS board.

Henke was very disappointed in the county board’s decision, saying that the county didn’t step up to the plate to support northern Crow Wing County.

“I respect their decision, but we don’t really agree with them not supporting the resolution. It wasn’t going to cost Crow Wing County any money, it was just support,” Henke said.

Henke said county commissioner Paul Thiede was the only commissioner to vote in favor of the resolution.

Henke said any residents who are interested and want to show support should attend the KRLS board meeting Thursday night, March 28, at 6 p.m. in Pine River. At that meeting, Henke plans to ask the board to reinstate funding. He’s been collecting resolutions of support from neighboring city councils and townships. Many have supported the resolution.

The location is yet to be determined, so anyone interested in going can contact the Pequot Lakes or Crosslake libraries for information on where the meeting will be held, Henke said.