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Council seeks reinstatement of $20,000 in library funding

The Pequot Lakes City Council on Tuesday, March 5, adopted a resolution in support of materials funding for the Kitchigami Regional Library System (KRLS) affiliate libraries in Crosslake and Pequot Lakes.

This action comes after the Crow Wing County Board voted to reduce the KRLS budget by $20,000. The KRLS board, in turn, voted to cut $20,000 from the 2013 budget for materials expenditures for the Crosslake and Pequot Lakes affiliate libraries.

Area cities are requesting the KRLS board reinstate the $20,000 for the Crosslake and Pequot Lakes libraries in 2013.

The resolution says the Brainerd Public Library is scheduled to receive $133,378 for materials funding in 2013 while the Crosslake and Pequot Lakes libraries are scheduled to receive no funding.

The resolutions reads in part: “The Crosslake Area Library and the Pequot Lakes Library serve the library needs of residents in Ideal Township, Breezy Point, Fifty Lakes, Emily, Fairfield Township, Mission Township and Manhattan Beach and the library allocation of all of these communities total $201,325 or 38 percent of the $529,002 budgeted for library expenditures in Crow Wing County for 2013.”

Crosslake and Pequot Lakes libraries are not considered member libraries of KRLS, but associate libraries.

The resolution says the Crosslake and Pequot Lakes libraries in 2012 had higher circulation numbers than three Kitchigami branch libraries and the mobile library — Crosslake with circulation of 28,197 and Pequot Lakes with circulation of 35,507.

In addition, the resolution says Brainerd residents are taxed separately by the city and do not contribute to the Crow Wing County tax levy for library services. Crosslake and Pequot Lakes residents pay taxes for both their local library expenses and the regional library contribution in Crow Wing County, the KRLS contribution in 2013 is $66,990 for Crosslake and $15,482 for Pequot Lakes.